Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Rockford Files - Episode: Just by Accident (1975) Actress Susan Keller - Actor Sal Acquisto - the late great Fritzi Burr - funny man Gordon Jump - Michael Fox - Actress Beatrice Colen - Actor Oliver Clark - the beautiful actress E.J. (Edra Jean) Peaker - the late actor Fred Sadoff - Actor David Spielberg - Steven Keats - Joey Aresco - Neva Patterson -

Above Photo: Pioneer Used Cars Lot in North Hollywood, California

Above Photo: Hall of Records  227 north Broadway 
Los Angeles, CA

Above Photo: The Standard Gas Station that was once located at the corner of Lankershim Blvd and Riverside Drive - across the street from Mayberry Ford
Below Photos: Some great actors and actresses appeared in this episode of The Rockford Files

 Above Photo: The late actress Neva Patterson

 Above Photo: the late actor Steven Keats and the very much alive actor Joey Aresco.

 Above Photo: Actor David Spielberg

 Above Photo: the late actor Fred Sadoff

 Above Photo: E.J. (Edra Jean) Peaker

 Above Photo: Great character actor Oliver Clark

 Above Photo: the late great character actress Beatrice Colen

Above Photo: Actor Michael Fox - He is the reason why Michael J. Fox added the "J" to his name. 

 Above Photo: Late great character actor Gordon Jump of WKRP fame.

 Above Photo: A regular on The Rockford Files, Fritzi Burr

 Above Photo: His only acting credits are for his two appearances on The Rockford Files, Sal Acquisto

Above Photo: The beautiful Susan Keller 


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