Monday, December 26, 2011

The Rockford Files - Episode: The Deep Blue Sleep (1975)

The above images are from a scene in which Jim Rockford steals a squad car to save a kidnapped woman. This was one of the toughest filming locations to identified as of this date. There weren't any street signs/names in this scene or the names of any businesses on the buildings. I truly thought I would never identify this location. You must remember, I have never been to Los Angeles myself so I am completely unknowledgeable of the area.
Against all odds I got lucky. I did a grid search of the area where this episode was being shot. I happened to see the below building with the side stairs and brick fence. I shouted, BINGO! and after reviewing some other identifiers in this scene, I found out I had discovered this filming location.
La Brea Ave and Willoughby Ave
Los Angeles Ca


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