Monday, September 10, 2012

Bumping this one up - Rockford Files "This Case is Closed" 1974 - Unidentified actress who played "Cathy" - Although she had a speaking role on this episode there was no closing credit for her.

The above actress is still an unsolved mystery to us. But as a good detective I am trying some new avenues in my attempt to get this actress identified. I love a good mystery.

Today, 04/27/2010, I was helping my kids with some stuff when my cell phone rang with a California area code... I was going to ignore it since most long distance calls on my cell phone are usually unsolicited sales calls.
To my surprise the caller identified himself as James McEachin. Mr. McEachin wanted to reach out to me about the letter I wrote him before he left for Kuwait, where he was going to in order to entertain our troops. A true American and also a war hero himself.
Mr. McEachin related that he didn't know the actress I was inquiring about. He stated that most likely it was just an extra that they used at the last minute to fulfill a short speaking role.
How delightful of this gentleman to reach out to me when he is packing for an overseas trip. This man is nothing but class! God bless you James McEachin and may your trip be safe and full of happiness!


Today, April 24th, 2012, I sent letters to two guest stars from the Rockford Files episode "This Case is Closed" (1974). One being the beautiful Sharon Gless and the other being the talented James McEachin. James is not only a great entertainer and actor but was also a highly decorated US Soldier. At the age of 18 he joined the US Armed Forces and served in the Korean War earning many medals of valor include the Purple Heart and Silver Star. Most of the other stars from this 1970's episode are no longer with us and I wish them Godspeed.

In these letters I enclosed copies of the images of the mysterious actress, asking them if they know who this actress was that appeared in the same episodes as they did. I will keep you informed of any answer(s) I may receive back from the aforementioned entertainers.


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