Monday, October 22, 2012

WE MADE A BOO-BOO! - The Rockford Files - Episode: Exit Prentiss Carr (1974) Dave Berg's Liquor Store & Deli 11340 Moorpark, North Hollywood - next to Dairy Queen

I just happened to watch an old episode of Adam 12 (EPISODE: Vengeance) 1972 and discovered one of the Rockford Files filming locations we identified on this blog was WRONG!

The liquor and deli store seen in this episode of the Rockford Files was in fact and without a doubt the Dave Berg's Liquor and Deli store located at 11340 Moorpark in North Hollywood, CA.
The telephone booth that Jim Rockford is seen entering into in the below image was located in a gas station right next to the liquor and deli store. This filming location makes a little more sense too... The production company would usually when possible try to use locations close to each other for each Rockford Files episode. The other locations in this episode are also right near this new corrected filming location. 

In the above still image from the original ADAM 12 TV Series you can see the DAVE BERG'S LIQUOR AND DELI sign just above the squad car. During the scene in this ADAM 12 episode there are more scene shots to prove this new address is the correct location the filming occurred for the above Rockford Files TV episode. 

Directly past Dave Berg's Liquor and Deli was a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Shop. Today the old Dairy Queen is the now closed down - 8 1/2 Taverna - located at 11334 Moorpark, North Hollywood, CA


Here is another one we need help with. Jim Rockford is on a payphone, we believe in a gas station lot. Seen behind him is a liquor store and deli and across the street is what appears to be a dry cleaners, possibly M&M One Hour Dry Cleaners.

Most of the filming for this episode was around where the Ventura and Hollywood Freeways crossover each other.
Anybody have any idea where this filming location is located?


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