Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Rockford Files - Episode: Profit & Loss - Car Chase Scene in old downtown Los Angeles

ABOVE PHOTO: Alexandria Hotel & Dunn's Lounge in the old Los Angeles Downtown area

ABOVE PHOTO: Pussycat Theater in Downtown Los Angeles 

ABOVE PHOTO: San Carlos Hotel & Googies Coffee Shop 5th Street and Olive St.

ABOVE PHOTO: Downtown Los Angeles 1970's - Kent Cigarette Billboard in Downtown L.A.

From the car chase scene in the episode: Profit & Loss.
The Alexandria Hotel  501 S. Spring Street  Los Angeles
Dunn's 5th and Hill Street  Los Angeles
Pussycat Adult Theater  444 S. Hill St. Los Angeles
San Carlos Hotel and the Googies Coffee Shop
Corner of 5th and Olive St  Los Angeles 
Old Kent Cigarette Billboard in Downtown L.A.
Baltimore Hotel 5th & Los Angeles St L.A.


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