Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"The Rockford Files" EPISODE: The Deuce (1979) 1970's Burbank California - The Ramp Restaurant & Lounge - Gary Bric's Ramp Restaurant & Lounge

ABOVE IMAGES: Left Photo is a still image from The Rockford Files "The Deuce" episode showing "The Ramp" Restaurant & Cocktails in Burbank, CA. Right Photo is a photo of Gray Bric's Ramp Restaurant & Lounge as it appears in 2013. LOCATION: 7730 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA

ABOVE IMAGE: Former Burbank California Mayor & Current City Council Member Gary Bric, the current owner of Gary Bric's Ramp Restaurant & Lounge. Mr. Bric was not the owner of "The Ramp" when the Rockford Files filming occurred. Mr. Bric purchase the business about 20 years ago.
I personally spoke to Mr. Bric when I was following up this location for this article. Mr. Bric was very pleasant and helpful in regards to my inquiries.
Thank You Mr. Bric!!!

 ABOVE IMAGE: A night time image of "The Ramp" as it appeared in the Rockford Files in 1979.

 ABOVE PHOTO: Actor Mills Watson can be seen on the left hand bar stool inside The Ramp Restaurant & Lounge in the 1970's.


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