Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Rockford Files - EPISODE: GUILT (1979) Ending Airport Scene - Which airport is it??? ANSWER: It's an abandoned part of Long Beach Naval Base

Thanks to the below viewer who identified this filming location:
APS221 said...
It's an abandoned part of Long Beach Naval Base. In the image with the explosion, you can read DATC (Development and Training Center) DET LBEACH - FMAG (Fleet Maintenance Assistance Group).
ABOVE IMAGE: Jim Rockford & his car is being chased by a helicopter. The scene takes place at an airport. The airport in this scene is surrounded by a fenced off area which contains abandoned residential homes, commercial property and these large airplane hanger type buildings.
In the background of this photo you can see a distinctive looking vehicle bridge.
It appears that the area around this airport was condemned due to either airport expansion or noise abatement in the late 1970's.  
ABOVE PHOTO: The markings on this building should help us identify the location of this airport.

Based on the "LBeach" portion of these wall markings, I am guessing the Long Beach Airport.....
ABOVE IMAGE: This is the helicopter that was chasing Jim Rockford. Its tail number is: N59613.


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